rsz_dsc_0024_2Mariora is Australian owned and operates since 1975.

The owners are gemmologists and jewellery designers.

Mariora specializes in solid and natural Australian opals and does not sell doublets, triplets, synthetic or imitations.

When a gem opal is found, it is carefully cut and polished so that it can lie in the palm of an admirer, thus displaying its amazing beauty. This however, is only part of the opals’ journey. It can be put in a safe, to be enjoyed occasionally, or it can be set into a piece of jewellery, ready to adorn the proud wearer and to draw gasps of admiration from all who see it. The choice of design is of critical importance and can help or hinder the effect of the opals’ brilliance, value and display.

Mariora is proud to present fine opal jewellery of a world class standard. The impeccable skills and finish of the creations receive enthusiasm from purchasers both in Australia and overseas. Unique and practical styling, often enhanced by top quality diamonds, allows Mariora Collection to take its place at the highest international level.